Star Charts, Planispheres and something new…

Here’s a fun find. Try out an online Solar System Scope! 

On the left you will see a series of icons:

  1. The top two pertain to your cursor.
  2. The middle button is called “View Selection.”  Select the telescope view. 
  3. The last two buttons are “Settings” and a portal that is under construction.
  4. Under “Settings” you have Planets and Moons, Stars and Constellations, Earth Observatory, Time Settings and a Reset button.  Select Earth Observatory. Then select the City that is closest to you.  You may also wish to check Time Settings. Your current time zone and hour may be pre-selected. If not, you can reset it.  For fun, try out the different settings under Planets and Moons, and Stars and Constellations.  These settings will give you the amount of information you wish to have viewable when using the scope and can be set and reset as you like.

Now you are ready to use the Solar System Scope!

  • For a first look at the sky find Orion, Jupiter and Venus!  Determine when any one or all three are viewable in your night sky. Note that when viewing Jupiter and Venus, near Orion, Venus is the biggest and the brightest in the evening sky. Enjoy!
“What a great addition to your existing star map or Planisphere!”

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